Experience. Connect. Find Your Community.

Date: October 18, 2018

Time: 6:30pm–9:30pm

Location: $BASH at SIGNAL — Bill Graham Civic Auditorium

There’s a $BASH world waiting for you. Take in a fun house full of 10 immersive rooms designed to help you find your Twilio community at $BASH. Consider it like a sorting hat, but much bigger, and much more fun. Then join us in welcoming OK Go as they perform an unforgettable set to close out the night.

$BASH Room Reveal

Stay tuned for the $BASH room reveal to get a sneak peek of the fun we have in store for you. Join the conversation — #SIGNALBASH

Ball Pit

Relive your childhood, dive right in, and have a ball. This is a child's play area, brought into our space. It's bright, it's silly and above all it's fun.

Developers & Dragons

Calling all the dragon slayers: play or watch the Developer edition of “Dungeons & Dragons” in this Medieval-themed room.

18th Amendment

You’ll have to discover the password to gain access to this prohibition-themed speakeasy serving cocktails and smooth jazz.

The Craft House

This is the ultimate urban kid's art room—come play with paint, make postcards and mail them to your friends.

Thread Pool

Create a 3-D tangle of rainbow string. Build something or just intuitively start running strings around!

The Secret

Doesn't it feel great to share your thoughts with a stranger? Come and have a chat with our fun impression artist—or just grab a friend and have some "interesting conversations". Don't forget to tell us how you feel!

The Research Laboratorium

You will enter a very “serious” research laboratory—work together, exchange ideas and design sounds of the future as an innovative research team.

Space Dance

Lose yourself in time and space inside Space Dance. Flow through an immersive experience and watch your environment react to movement of your own creation and others around you. Like David Bowie says, “Dancing face to face. Dancing out it in space".

The Cloud

A dual/ two room experience—the server room is an unpleasant place to be, but discover the secret server cabinet at the back and you can find your way out and into the cloud.