Emotionally Aware Video Chat with Affectiva and Twilio

Embedding communications in mobile apps will unlock a range of analytical and machine-learning techniques that were difficult or impossible to achieve with traditional communications stacks. In this workshop, we build an iOS application that is capable of understanding and recording the emotions of video call participants. Will include live coding and a starter project.

Evan Cummack
Sr. Product Manager

Evan Cummack is the product owner for Twilio's Programmable Wireless product line, having previously worked on Programmable Video and other Twilio products. He’s been with Twilio for more than six years, focusing on cross-functional software product design and solution architecture.

Boisy Pitre
Mobile Visionary

Boisy Pitre is Affectiva's Mobile visionary. Responsible for bridging its tech to the mobile world, he developed Affectiva's SDK that developers can use to emotion-enable their apps and digital experiences. He's pushed boundaries of innovation in emotion tech and is focused on continuously advancing Affectiva's tech on mobile platforms. He holds a MS from the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.