Bringing WebRTC to Mobile

WebRTC is a ground-breaking standard and a powerful piece of open source code, but it wasn't originally designed for mobile applications. Iñaqui Delgado, lead developer for Twilio Video for Android, and Chris Eagleston, lead developer on Twilio Video for iOS, will explain the challenges they faced bringing WebRTC to mobile platforms, how they solved them, and where they see mobile WebRTC going in the future. Includes live coding.

Chris Eagleston
iOS Video SDK Engineer

Chris Eagleston is a Software Engineer on the iOS SDK team. Prior to Twilio, Chris was the Lead Developer at Perch where he focused on ambient video conferencing powered by WebRTC. He enjoys working with cameras and media systems, especially on mobile devices. Chris holds a BS in Electrical Engineering from the University of British Columbia.

Iñaqui Delgado
Voice & Video Mobile SDKs Tech Lead

Iñaqui Delgado is a software engineer at Twilio who leads the Mobile Voice & Video SDK teams. He develops Android, iOS, and C++ SDKs for real-time video and voice communications powered by WebRTC. He's been working with Android since 2013 and WebRTC-related technologies since 2015. In his pre-mobile life, he worked as an embedded developer on microprocessors and device drivers.