Communicating in Context: Integrating Chat, Voice and Video into Your Apps

Communication is critical to any transaction, but is normally separated from the context of the transaction itself. For users that means leaving a great mobile experience in order to communicate. For agents it means juggling multiple interfaces. By embedding chat, voice and video into mobile/web apps, both sides can interact with more context. This session provides an overview and examples of all the real-time comms channels Twilio offers, to help you map out where you will want to dig deeper.

Al Cook
Product Director & Head of Contact Center

Al Cook is a Product Director at Twilio, responsible for Contact Center product and engineering. He helps businesses build better customer experiences with Twilio APIs for SMS, voice, video, chat, and omni-channel routing. Al has worked in the UK, Australia, and California, which accounts for his mutt accent as well as his extensive experience in product strategy for technology companies.