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SIGNAL 2020 Sessions
Drive Customer Engagement with Email
Madison Springgate, Scott Kawai
Creative Email Engagement Solutions with Spotify and Glassdoor
Nonso Maduka, Ofir Caspi, Caroline Shaffer
Building with Twilio Functions
Sang Yeo, Brian Tedder
Elevate your Contact Center with AI
Christine Livingston, Curtis Swartzentruber
SIP Trunking 101
Arvind Rangarajan, Madhu Mathiyalagan
Voice Insights: Call Quality Beyond the Basics
Paul Rousselle, Michael Carpenter, Pierre-Baptiste Béchu
Eat, Pray, Flex
Ben Aneesh
Scaling your Customer Engagement with WhatsApp
Casey Koppes, Connor Cirillo, Chris Feehan
Using Programmability with Flex Insights
Tomáš Gajdoš, Todd Andersen
Flex Plugins with EzCater
Ruma Nair, Alec Ortega
Making it "Just Work"
Suchit Parikh, John Martin, Robert Acosta
Email Experts Panel - Common Mistakes & How to Get to the Inbox
Melinda Plemel, Ashley Ortiz, Samantha Stinn-Shelley, Kurt Diver
CodeExchange: Rapid Prototyping on Twilio
Anish Shandilya, Shanan Sussman, Lupita Davila
Emergency Calling for Voice SIP Connectivity
Jake Jacoby, Quinn Hare, Mike Sica
How BIMI will Transform Email Inboxes in 2020 & Beyond
Len Shneyder, Neil Kumaran, Marcel Becker, Seth Blank
The State of RCS Business Messaging
Chris Cadotte, Katie Cubillas
Media Streams Magic
Tammy Ben-David
Using IoT to Reduce the Risk of COVID-19 in Public Spaces
Elizabeth Grossenbacher, Raj Krishnamurthy
Saving Lives During a Pandemic with IoT
Vasileios Nasis, Chris Macek, Pallavi Vanacharla
Superclass: Choose your own adventure for Developers - Day 1
Craig Dennis, Wade Christensen, Scott Kawai, Carly Vanderwert, Lizzie Siegle, Evangelos Resvanis, Phil Nash, Carl Lane, Mica Swyers, Kevin Whinnery
Superclass: Choose your own adventure for Developers - Day 2
Travis DePuy, Ana Andres, Jessica Cregg, Ricky Holtz, Jaclyn Backus, Toby Allen, Bill Nye, Kevin Whinnery, Mica Swyers
Keynote Day 1 The Great Digital Acceleration
Jeff Lawson, Michelle Grover, Sara Varni, John Donahoe, David Kerwar, Erik Duffield, Rachel Krausman, Simon Khalaf, Tony Lama, Aashir Shroff
What is Twilio IoT?
Tobias Goebel