How Far Can You Go with Flex in 20 Days?
Maximilian Deuber

In our experience, small and medium-sized enterprises, particularly start-ups, are quick to recognize the many advantages that Flex as a programmable platform offers. However, these smaller companies often shy away, expecting lengthy and costly implementation projects. With a team of two product managers and two engineers, c20y has built a full-blown Flex project that replaced one of the major contact center SaaS providers within 19 working days and went live on the 20th day with 65 agents and later scaled to 400. Join us for this session as we share our learnings with regards to requirements gathering, features prioritization, project management, stakeholder management, sprint planning and roll-out strategy in order to take a Flex project live within weeks rather than months. Note: This session will air a second time for our Asia, Pacific and Japan audience on October 1 at 11:30am SGT.