Door's Open, Come On In - Reflections on Inclusion
Benjamin Stephens

How are players in the industry trying to improve inclusivity? To tackle such a big issue, let's start with the data: how big of an issue is diversity and inclusion, specifically? In this session, we'll look at reports from major players to understand precisely what the demographics are and how they're trending. Then, we'll explore Ben Stephens' journey as an engineer: how programs like the Hatch apprenticeship and Telegraph Track program are helping them and others break down some of the barriers to entry. We'll explore first-hand account what it's like to experience these programs and other inclusion initiatives, and what the personal impacts can be. Finally, we'll zoom out and explore how others can apply the lessons we've learned as a company and they've learned as an individual, leaving the audience with practical, actionable advice about how to improve inclusion in their own workplaces.