CodeExchange: Rapid Prototyping on Twilio
Anish Shandilya, Shanan Sussman, Lupita Davila

Do you want to explore new ways to use Twilio? Or are you interested in sharing your Twilio app with developers around the world? Come explore ways you can customize and launch Twilio apps with a few clicks using Twilio CodeExchange. Join Twilio experts and learn about this new searchable directory of ready-to-deploy, customizable code samples, written by developers around the world. You will discover how to get a Twilio app running in just a few easy steps using our new Quick Deploy feature. We will be demonstrating the power of building on Twilio by rapidly prototyping a COVID-19 related Virtual Medical Visit app with Twilio Video and SMS. We'll show how easy it is to get the sample code up and running, then with just a little bit of work, we'll have created our own custom Twilio prototype application!