How BIMI will Transform Email Inboxes in 2020 & Beyond
Len Shneyder, Neil Kumaran, Marcel Becker, Seth Blank

Unsurprisingly email is the original digital communication channel—however, it has been undergoing a decades long evolution from simple text to HTML, to new interactive experiences. Brand Indicators for Message Identification (BIMI) is the latest in a series of evolutionary steps that is making email a more secure channel while providing recipients with a new look and feel. BIMI is a new technical standard that encourages the use of email authentication while standardizing the display of logos in the inbox. This panel featuring the postmasters of two of the largest free mailbox providers on the panel and will discuss the evolution of BIMI, what BIMI hopes to achieve, how it incentivizes legitimate brands to better secure their email and the benefits it provides everyone in the email ecosystem.