Elastic SIP Trunking: IBM Watson Assistant & Twilio SIP Trunking Deliver Fast COVID-19 Response for Customers
Annie Benitez Pelaez, Ryan D. Ashby

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted normal operations for businesses and organizations across the globe. This has been especially true for call centers. As mandatory lockdowns went into place earlier this year, call centers experienced unprecedented volume while simultaneously struggling to equip agents in working from home. This perfect storm of historic call volume combined with a shadow staff of agents led many businesses to realize they needed to find a sustainable strategy for dealing with call center spikes in a way that still provides a positive customer experience. In this session, we'll discuss how some businesses successfully navigated this challenge by relying on Watson Assistant and Twilio SIP Trunking. These companies were able to rapidly create AI-enabled conversational experiences through both voice and digital channels. We will highlight these successful use cases and discuss some of the patterns you can leverage to do the same.