Twilio SIGNAL 2021 - virtual
Live Developer Mode: Supercharge your Twilio development
Dominik Kundel, Jennifer Mah, Anish Shandilya, Allen Kleiner

Getting started with Twilio can be as easy as one API request. But as you are growing your project chances are it doesn't stay that way. In this session we will cover how you can make the most out of the Twilio developer platform by showing you both new and hidden features. And we'll do it in true Twilio fashion: No slides, just you, us, and a blinking cursor. If you are like us and can't keep your fingers off the keyboard if you see code, you'll be able to follow along live as we go using SIGNAL Developer Mode.  Regardless of whether you just learned how to use Twilio or are a seasoned veteran of the 2008 API, this session is for you.

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