Twilio SIGNAL 2021 - virtual
Architecting SMS for mission-critical communication with DoorDash
Conor Meng, Jaclyn Backus, Akhila Polisetty

Sending one SMS is easy. Scaling your architecture to support hundreds of thousands or even millions daily? Well, that’s a little more complex, yet these messages are often mission critical. For DoorDash, supporting millions of delivery notifications is key. In 2020, as nationwide closures and stay at home orders pushed many restaurants to seek business via non-traditional channels, ensuring high deliverability as message volumes exploded was critical to servicing their customers.

Join Software Engineer at DoorDash Akhila Polisetty and Twilio experts Conor Meng and Jaclyn Backus to learn messaging best practices for building at scale. They will share how to architect your account, select your sender, configure monitoring, and how these best practices translate to success.

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