Twilio SIGNAL 2021 - virtual
The last mile of customer interactions is broken: Solve it and everyone wins
Chuck Chung, Leo Ng

Learn how you can fix the last mile of customer engagement to deliver the digital self-service and proactive experiences your customers want faster. We’ll cover how Twilio and Airkit have teamed up to help customers like AutoReturn with:

  • Self-service journeys: Enable customers to proactively check items like the status/location of their vehicle (or "Where is my order?") without needing to speak with a member or your team or file a support ticket.
  • Proactive reminders: Send email/SMS messages to customers who need to take action but have not done so yet. >> Intelligent management of call forwarding: Trigger region specific customer experiences based on either the "call from" or "call to" numbers and have all of the data aggregated in one system of record.
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