Twilio SIGNAL 2021 - virtual
Takes 2 to tango: Use cases and phone numbers
Antonio Fernandez

What does Lyft, Southwest Airlines, and the Suicide Hotline all have in common? They could not do what they do best without Twilio Phone Numbers. The communication ecosystem offers multiple phone number types and picking the right one for your use case could be the difference between your customer getting to where they need to on time, catching their flight, or even life and death.

In this session you'll learn:

  • Why Phone Numbers are the foundation of any telephony-based use case and how they determine the customer experience, performance, and costs
  • How Twilio offers a top-in-class, dynamic, and diverse phone number ecosystem that makes us unique in the use cases we can power
  • A framework for picking the right phone number for your use case, no matter where in the world you serve your customers
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