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Customer panel: Innovating for industries across healthcare and retail

木曜日, 10月 21 - 12:00 午後 to 12:45 午後 PST

About the session

In this Spotlight Session, business leaders from two of the most impacted industries in recent years, healthcare and life sciences and retail, will share their unique approach to innovation via technology, and how they align their unique industry needs to a digital world. We'll look into:

  • The importance of modernizing legacy technologies;
  • Reimagining customer experiences through omnichannel engagement;
  • Building agility and resiliency through flexible, deployable solutions;

And much more in this chock-full panel with today's top business leaders.


Jay Kapadia

Jay Kapadia

Senior Director, Software Development


Alex Bravo

Alex Bravo

Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Retail


Chris Mcgrath

Chris Mcgrath

IT Program Manager

Marks & Spencer