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Partner up: Transform your customer experience with a strategic partner

水曜日, 10月 20 - 12:00 午後 to 12:45 午後 PST

About the session


Successful businesses today have evolved at the speed of light to keep up with increasing customer demands and the need for customized digital experiences.

Twilio's strategic partners are primed to accelerate your digital transformation so you can achieve real benefits now and in the future to adapt to your changing business requirements.

  • The challenges business face today and the most in-demand use cases to meet them;
  • What today's customers expect from you and your brand;
  • How partners can help activate new business models and processes via digital technology.


Glenn Weinstein

Glenn Weinstein

Chief Customer Officer


Vicki Huff

Vicki Huff

Vice Chair, PwC Tech, Media and Teleco (TMT)


Ashley Reichheld

Ashley Reichheld

Principal, Deloitte Digital and Customer, Brand & Experiene Practice Leader (Consumer Industry)