Justify Your Ticket

Need help justifying your ticket to your manager? Use the email template below to share the value and knowledge you will receive from attending SIGNAL.

Dear [insert your manager’s name here],

I would like to request your permission to register for SIGNAL, Twilio’s annual customer and developer conference that explores the intersection between technology, innovation, and communications, happening October 20-21, 2021.

By attending this two-day event, I’ll have the opportunity to:

  • Build my skills through hands-on experience with foundational APIs like Voice and SMS, as well as exciting new products like Flex or the Twilio API for WhatsApp, and other products like [insert other products you believe would help with your current software needs]
  • Receive early access to products announced at SIGNAL, and valuable insight into various product roadmaps
  • Learn best practices, build new relationships, and dig into your biggest Twilio questions with the engineers who develop Twilio Voice, Video, SMS, and other Twilio products
  • Strategize and network with other developers from other businesses that are building customer experiences with Twilio, and can share their vision and the lessons they’ve learned at SIGNAL
  • Gain insight into what customer engagement can look like, and learn from businesses like Uber, Spotify, and Glassdoor, who have shipped and scaled hugely-successful, Twilio-powered apps providing authentic customer experiences

The cost to register is $200, which includes access to 75+ speaker sessions live & on-demand, Twilio’s Superclass Developer Training, 1:1 access to Twilio experts to answer our questions, and more.

After the conference, I can provide a post-conference report that includes what I learned and a set of recommendations to increase our productivity and maximize our investment.

Thank you for considering my request to register for this event. I look forward to your reply.


[your name]

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