Front End Foundations

October 17, 6:00pm PT, AIDA Room

Global Serverless Deployment

Serverless is a new paradigm that will make you re-think how you write and scale applications. In many ways, serverless brings back some of the fundamental and original ideas of the early days of the web. In other ways, serverless also puts you in direct contact with the most scalable global computing architecture of our times. This walk will go into practical usecases, such as scaling your dynamic frontend applications at very little cost, reducing the surface of error, increasing security and most importantly, making yourself and your team more productive.

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Guillermo Rauch


Guillermo Rauch is the CEO and co-founder of ZEIT, a San Francisco company whose mission is to bring the cloud to everyone in the world. He's known for his work on Node.js,, mongoose, micro, Next.js and many other projects.

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