Theater Presentations

October 17, 1:15pm PT, Theater Room

The Future of Customer Engagement

From smartphones to digital channels to voice assisted devices – the speed in which technologies are emerging makes traditional centralized business models obsolete. Organizations must move from closed models of the past to open, interoperable, ever-evolving models of the future in order to take advantage of these changes. Is your customer engagement strategy ready to meet the ever-changing expectations of consumers?

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Brandon Penn

Senior Manager, Market Strategy

Brandon Penn is the head of Market Strategy at Twilio, the global market leader in cloud communication platforms. Prior to joining Twilio in 2017, Brandon led strategic programs at Genesys including competitive intelligence, sales enablement, and market research. In this role, he was responsible for delivering reliable analyses for the executive management team as well as enabling the sales force globally to compete more efficiently. Brandon brings to his role years of customer engagement and contact center experience. He is passionate about CX and creating authentic, connected experiences between businesses and consumers.

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