Twilio Products 101

October 17, 5:15pm PT, Bishop Room

Scaling Multilingual Conversations for More Equitable Education

By 2030, 40 million children will be from low-income, immigrant families in the US. TalkingPoints enables teachers to engage these parents in student learning through a multilingual SMS platform, facilitating 5 million+ conversations. We’ll share lessons from scaling multilingual SMS that achieved higher engagement for 87% of users. Learnings include: how to triage and prioritize message content for translation, optimize number pools for delivery, and analyze sentiment to increase engagement.

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Nancy Lee Bromberger

VP of School Partnerships

Nancy brings over ten years of experience in education to her role as VP of School Partnerships at TalkingPoints. As a classroom teacher in Anacostia, Washington DC and head of a literacy and technology program for low-income students in San Francisco, she witnessed the power of partnering with parents in their children’s education to close the achievement gap. Nancy has a master’s degree in Education with a concentration in Policy, Organization, and Leadership Studies (POLS) from Stanford University and a bachelor’s degree in East Asian Studies from Boston University.

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