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Getting Started

Get started with Twilio

Why SMS authentication is here to stay featuring Currencies Direct

Wednesday, October 20 - 7:00 AM to 7:15 AM PST

About the session

Every security solution is a delicate balance between protecting some kind of value and providing usable access to the right people. While SMS authentication has some legitimate concerns, it is still an excellent choice for optimizing usability to protect consumer accounts. In this session, you'll learn how Currencies Direct rolled out Twilio Verify for two-factor authentication (2FA) to improve customer experience and decrease support costs by offering customers multiple channels, including SMS 2FA. It will also cover why SMS 2FA has persisted despite its flaws and how the Twilio Verify API can help you boost message deliverability globally and provide a variety of channels to meet your customers needs.


Kelley Robinson

Kelley Robinson

Developer Evangelist


Hardik Shah

Hardik Shah

Head of Product

Currencies Direct