Contact Center

October 17, 1:15pm PT, Maeve Room

Twilio Flex at GA, Product Roadmap, and Q&A

During this session, Al Cook (GM of Twilio Flex) will be doing a deep dive into Twilio Flex, covering the vision and roadmap for the product, and showing off a exciting set of features that we can't talk about in this abstract.

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Al Cook


VP Product Management and Engineering, GM Twilio Flex

Al is the head of Twilio Flex, leading product, engineering, design and GTM. Prior to Twilio, Al was the VP of Product Management and Product Marketing at Metaswitch Networks, focused on UCaaS and Contact Center. Al has also worked in Product, Engineering, and Marketing roles, after starting his career as a consultant for Deloitte and Touche. Al has a major in Computer Science from Warwick University (UK).

Jaime Gilliam-Swartz

Director, Voice of Customer

Jaime Gilliam-Swartz is an experienced customer support executive. Jaime has two passions. One is delivering exceptional, human-centered experiences that are consistent and sustainable over time. The other is delivering these experiences efficiently. The connection between these two passions is, at its heart, service design and systems thinking. Together they create experiences that serve customers, build loyalty and find unexpected value.

Simon Vostry

Senior Director

Simon is the Sr. Director of Flex at Twilio with 20 years of experience in the contact center space. A software entrepreneur, he was previously co-founder and CEO of Ytica and ZOOM International. In his free time, Simon loves skydiving and running trails in nature.

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