Front End Foundations

October 18, 3:00pm PT, Jarvis Room

Expanding Access to Social Services Using Data and Dynamic Communications

America’s social safety net is full of holes. 41M people in the US can’t afford food, heat, and healthcare, yet 9 million people who are eligible for food stamps aren’t enrolled. Benefits Data Trust (BDT) is solving this access problem using mobile alerts, behavioral nudges, and machine learning to better serve clients and increase resource efficiency in their contact center. Learn how BDT is reshaping the social services sector, and how these tactics can improve service delivery at your organization, or business.

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Ravindar Gujral

Benefits Data Trust

Ravindar oversees BDT’s Data Science, Software Development, and Information Technology Departments. A dynamic leader in engineering and design, he brings over 17 years of experience building business processes in the for-profit sector for companies such as Sidecar Interactive, GE Energy, Comcast Cable, Siemens Medical Solutions, and more. Prior to that, he served as the Agile/Lean Adoption & Change Leader for GE Energy, where he led a worldwide transformation of the Software Solutions Group. In his role at BDT, he is committed to driving innovation in data science and software design to better serve clients and provide solutions to BDT’s partners and currently serves as BDT’s Security Officer and leads BDT’s Data Security Team. Ravindar earned his Master’s of Science in Software Engineering and Computer Science from Drexel University.

Ginger Zielinskie

Benefits Data Trust
President & CEO

Ginger Zielinskie, is President & CEO of Benefits Data Trust (BDT), a not-for-profit social change organization committed to transforming how people in need access public benefits. Ginger believes that we must fight poverty with 21st century strategies—data science, human-centered program design and advanced marketing techniques. Ginger leads her team to build simple but scalable solutions that create healthier, more stable communities for us all. Ginger has over 15 years experience leading human service programs. She came to BDT after several years of service with the National Program Office for The Cash & Counseling National Demonstration and Evaluation Project. During her tenure with BDT Ginger has led service expansion into 7 states, helping 650,000 individuals eat, heat their homes and afford quality medical care. As President & CEO of BDT, Ginger oversees all organizational operations and strategic growth activities and has led her team to build simple but scalable solutions that create healthier and more stable communities. Ginger received an MBA in Social Policy and Management from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis University and a BA from Skidmore College.

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