Front End Foundations

October 17, 6:00pm PT, C3PO Room

Understanding Today's CSS with Algorithms

Over the past 10 years, CSS has transformed from descriptive language for presentation into a Turing-complete, domain-specific, declarative programming language for layout on the web. But how does one go from “describing presentation” to “programming” in CSS? It’s all about a shift in thinking and, most importantly, knowledge of the domain in domain-specific. Through the lens of algorithms, this entertaining talk will review CSS's implementation as declarative language in the browser, and delve into practical steps for using algorithms to demystify modern-day CSS.

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Lara Schenck

Penske Media Corporation
Design Engineer

[Lara Schenck]( is a self-taught developer/designer originally from Pittsburgh, PA. After several years of self-employment, Lara now works as a Design Engineer at Penske Media Corporation in Los Angeles where she develops the front-end architecture for enterprise WordPress websites and bridges the gap between design, engineering, and product. Lara is passionate about exploring the computer science behind web technologies – especially CSS – and loves to share her findings through speaking, teaching, and writing. Lara is active in the LA tech community, and organizes the meetup

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