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October 17, 5:15pm PT, AIDA Room

Machine Learning: Research to Production

Every day, we hear about a new breakthrough in Machine Learning research that proclaims great advances in areas like Text Classification and Natural Language Understanding. In this talk we’ll examine the challenges, disappointments and rewards of taking promising research work, applying it to the problem at hand and building production systems that serve real customers. We’ll take a journey through the processes of demystifying research papers, performing structured experiments, laying resilient data pipelines and assembling scalable production systems.

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Karthik Halukurike


Lead Engineer

Karthik is the Lead Engineer on the Twilio Understand team. He’s working hard to build and scale out the Understand product line, its Machine Learning systems and infrastructure. Ever since his Master of Science degree from Georgia Tech, he’s been wandering around the Valley making stops at various large boring companies and small frustrating ones, before finding his home at Twilio. He enjoys the excruciating pain of decoding cryptic ML research papers and the joys of aesthetically built data pipelines.

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