All Things Connected - The IoT Track

October 18, 5:15pm PT, WALL-E Room

Home Automation Enterprise Style

Dwelo provides simple and seamless smart apartment solutions for rental properties. Their smart hub controls home automation for tenants, owners and managers of large multi-family rental communities. Join Karen Sun, Chief Architect at Dwelo, for an end to end look at the Twilio stack for connected devices. More specifically, how they use Twilio Programmable Wireless in conjunction with Twilio Sync to get hubs online and then manage state for physical device networks at scale.

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Karen Sun


Chief Architect

As Dwelo's Chief Architect, Karen designs its IoT platform to connect and orchestrate tens of millions of devices, clients, sensor readings, and user commands. Previous to Dwelo, she was an engineering manager at Quizlet, where built the data science team and designed backend services. Karen has over a decade of experience working with high scale distributed systems and doing interesting things with data, like building book retail recommendation engines and computer vision systems for art recognition.

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