Twilio for Experts

October 18, 3:00pm PT, AIDA Room

How the Super Network Solves SMS Issues at Scale

The global SMS network can be an unforgiving place at times. Routes can go down because of carrier outages, messages can get delayed and even dropped completely, and local regulations can change at the drop of a hat. Detecting these issues before they affect your customers can be extremely challenging. In this session, you’ll hear about the systems and processes the Twilio Super Network uses to proactively detect and solve SMS deliverability issues to ensure our customers can always deliver their business-critical messages.

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Lee Humby

Sr. Product Manager

Lee runs the Messaging Operations team at Twilio. It's his team's job to ensure that messages deliver successfully everywhere, all the time. Along with his team, they operate all of Twilio's SMS Routing around the globe to maximize the quality of the communication experience for their customers. They implement real-time monitoring, alerting and testing to ensure that any delivery issues are detected and resolved before they affect customers traffic.

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