Theater Presentations

October 18, 3:30pm PT, Theater Room

How to use Twilio Studio for customer engagement

Twilio Studio is a visual application builder that helps you prototype and deploy quickly, collaborate between technical and non-technical stakeholders, and, critically, change your customer engagement solution to meet your future needs. In this session, learn how you can: 1. Use Twilio Studio to help you build your use case 2. Add multiple channels and voice recognition 3. Flexibly change your solution to meet evolving needs

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Nupur Bhade

Product Marketing Manager

Nupur is a Product Marketing Manager at Twilio. She is responsible for bringing new, exciting products to launch and beyond — Studio, Proxy, to name a few. She holds a bachelors degree in Telecommunication Engineering and a masters in management from Dartmouth College. When she's not in the office, she's spreading Twilio magic in conferences. 

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