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October 17, 2:15pm PT, Jarvis Room

How we built the Twilio API for WhatsApp

WhatsApp was designed as a pure peer-to-peer messaging network with end-to-end encryption between devices. Rather than hitting a central API, WhatsApp business messaging requires hosting, managing and scaling Docker containers that emulate “devices” on the network. In this talk, we’ll dig into how we built the processes, infrastructure and orchestration necessary to reliably do this at scale. We’ll hear from Deliveroo on how they were able to integrate WhatsApp notifications in just a few weeks and the impact it’s had on their business.

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Rahma Javed

Director of Engineering

Rahma is the Director of Engineering for Restaurants group at Deliveroo. She focusses on helping Deliveroo becoming the best partner for its restaurants and driving growth and profitability for restaurants. Prior to this, Rahma was a senior engineering leader at Wealthfront where she instrumental in the company’s shift from an investment management to the much larger financial advisory space by leading initial products like the 529 College Savings Plan as well as the Portfolio Line of Credit, which generated an alternate revenue stream and was the company’s first foray into cash products. Additionally, she’s also focussed on automation by building a risk platform from scratch. Originally from Canada where she did her schooling from the University of Toronto in both Electrical and Computer Engineering. Along with working at startups and mid-sized companies, she’s worked at larger corporations like Microsoft (wherein she was working in the Windows team) as well as IBM Canada and Blackberry.

Anne Byrne

Software Engineer

Anne is a software engineer at Deliveroo, working to deliver excellent customer experience for the platform's riders, restaurants and customers. In the CX team she's focussed on building the services that provide context for customers on their order and help them to self-serve solutions to their problems.

Julie Laver

Senior Software Engineer

Julie is a software engineer on the Channels team at Twilio. She has helped to deliver Twilio's integrations with various channels such as Line and Whatsapp. Before this, Julie worked on the SMS product and helped to deliver Copilot. When not thinking about messaging, Julie can be found traveling the world or in her kitchen, creating (hopefully) delicious food.

Brett Meyer

Senior Software Engineer

Brett is a senior software engineer at Twilio, focused on the Channels Messaging Team. Brett is also devoted to open source software, as one of the core developers and committers of Hibernate ORM and the former project lead of other JBoss projects. In addition, he contributes new features to Apache Camel, Red Hat JBoss Fuse, Infinispan Data Grid, and other widely used open source frameworks. Brett has a wide breadth of experience in multiple industries, including previous careers at Disney, Red Hat, NBC Universal, Raytheon, and regional companies. When away from the computer screen, he can be found acting like a dork with his family, volunteering, and repairing small engines in his barn.

Aimee Ruddy

Product Manager

Product Manager for Consumer Experience at Deliveroo

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