Twilio Products 101

October 17, 6:00pm PT, Bishop Room

Building Phone Verification at Scale

Phone verification seems like a simple thing to build on Twilio right? Create a random code, send it via SMS and then check it? Not so fast! Building a successful and scalable verification solution requires deep knowledge of carrier filtering rules, geographic regulatory requirements, translations, managing a pool of numbers, shortcodes and alpha senderIDs and so on. In this session Dan Killmer will walk through how to use the new Twilio Verify API to avoid problems with building, maintaining and monitoring your own solution from scratch.

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Dan Killmer

Sales Engineering Manager

Dan is the Lead Solutions Architect for the Account Security team at Twilio, and leads the Account Security Sales Engineering team. Dan spends a great deal of time listening to customers, and helping them succeed with our solutions. Dan actively participates with product management and software engineering to deliver the solutions our customers want.

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