Creative Email Engagement Solutions with Spotify and Glassdoor
Learn how you can up-level your communication strategy from innovative product owners at Spotify and Glassdoor. See how these businesses creatively solved customer problems and improved customer engagement with Twilio SendGrid's Email API. Note: This session will air a second time for our Asia, Pacific and Japan audience on October 1 at 10:30am SGT.
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Ofir Caspi

Product Owner at Spotify

Ofir manages the messaging delivery product at Spotify and focuses on email, an important channel used to communicate with all Spotify users on both marketing and transactional levels. Prior to Spotify, Ofir worked on the vendor side, managing another email messaging product, and worked as an email marketer at UNIQLO and Gilt Groupe.

Nonso Maduka

Director of Product Management at Glassdoor

Nonso is a Product Director at Glassdoor, where he’s focused on creating engaging product experiences to help people find career opportunities they’ll love. Previously, Nonso was most recently at NerdWallet where he built product experiences to help people untangle their finances and take more control of their money. He loves building things that make the hardest questions in life a bit easier to answer.

Caroline Shaffer

Sr. Customer Success Manager at Twilio

Caroline is a Senior Customer Success Manager at Twilio. She partners directly with Twilio and Twilio SendGrid customers as their trusted advisor and advocate. Her goal is to make sure that customers have a great experience on the platform while maximizing the value they receive from Twilio. Her favorite part of working with customers is strategizing to build solutions that help take customer engagement to the next level. Outside of work, Caroline enjoys hiking, live music, and dance parties with her two young daughters.