Building with Twilio Functions
Twilio Functions is a serverless runtime environment for building communications applications through code. The Twilio Functions UI offers a delightful experience to rapidly iterate and build from within the Twilio Console. Learn about how the Twilio Functions experience can help builders quickly prototype and ship code to support their communications applications.
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Developing and Deploying Customer Engagement Apps
Brian Tedder

Software Engineer at Twilio

Brian is a software engineer on the Serverless team at Twilio, where he builds developer-focused experiences for Twilio Studio and Functions. He enjoys the challenges that come with building products for other developers and loves seeing how others use what he's built to do good. In his free time, he enjoys raising his daughter with his wife, watching and trying to play hockey, and spending time with his family's two dogs. Brian holds a law degree from the University of Arizona.

Sang Yeo

Staff, Product Designer at Twilio

Sang is a product designer at Twilio on the Serverless team, where he focuses on locating customers' problems, conceptualizing end-to-end design process and delivering delightful user experience. He is a husband, dad, cyclist and runner. Sang holds a MFA in Design from the California College of the Arts.