Level Up your Salesforce Contact Center with Twilio Flex
Empower developers to spin up a state-of-the-art contact center which includes the following: - Saving SMS and Chat Transcription in Salesforce - Using Salesforce Einstein to add insights to Twilio Data - Showing Real Time Transcription using Twilio Media Stream
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Carl Fluke

Demo Software Engineer at Twilio

Software Engineer with a background in Telephony, Contact Center, and Integrations.

Anthony Wong

Senior Solutions Engineer at Twilio

Anthony started his career at Bluewolf as a Salesforce Engineer. When Bluewolf got acquired by IBM, he learned how to integrate IBM Watson with Salesforce. He soon shift his role as a Solution Engineer. He was responsible for building out industries and roadshows demos. In his spare time, Anthony likes to program, watch technical talks, and play video games.