Flex Plugins with EzCater
In this session, you will learn about Flex Plugins. - ezCater will share how they leverage plugins to optimize the experience of their agents, increase business efficiency and spread holiday cheer. - We will guide you on what is new with Flex Plugins and how you can take advantage of them just as ezCater does.
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Ruma Nair

Product Manager at Twilio

Ruma Nair is a Product Manager at Twilio Flex, a cloud based programmable contact center that is powering over half a million agents. Prior to Twilio, Ruma worked at ThousandEyes helping establish their application monitoring business. Ruma has spent her career on growth and product strategy. She started her career developing software, with a Masters in Computer Science from Johns Hopkins University.

Alec Ortega

Staff Software Engineer at ezCater

Alec Ortega is a Staff Software Engineer at ezCater, where he works on front-end tooling and applications for the company’s customer service agents. Once he made his first CSS animation, he was hooked and has since worked on engineering teams at companies of various sizes. He is passionate about diversity in tech, JavaScript, and his corgi Arthur.