Architecting for Scale: How Twilio SendGrid Processed Over 4.2 Billion Emails in One Day
Capture best practices on how Twilio SendGrid has architected our infrastructure for scale, availability and performance from Senior Principal Engineer, Devon Jones. Devon will dig into how Twilio SendGrid builds for 70% year over year growth with transferable lessons learned from our best-in-class, scaled email infrastructure.
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Devon Jones

Senior Principal Engineer at Twilio, Inc.

Born and raise in Denver, Colorado, Devon has been in the tech industry since 1997 and started his career dealing with Y2K. In 2006 he left the enterprise world for the greener pastures of the New York startup scene. Since then he has been working in software, data science and architecture for scale and availability. He joined SendGrid in 2014 on the Data Science team and moved into Architecture in 2016 to fire fight the aptly named Kamtageddon.