Twilio Products 101

October 17, 3:15pm PT, Bishop Room

What You Can Do With Programmable Voice

Whether you want to instantly provision phone numbers, initiate and terminate phone calls from multiple endpoints, control what happens in a phone call, or extract meaning from phone calls, it’s all possible with Twilio Voice APIs. In this talk you’ll hear examples of how Twilio customers are using our Programmable Voice building blocks to create custom calling experiences for a number of differrent use cases.

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Jake Kanter

Sr. Product Marketing Manager

Jake Kanter is a Senior Product Marketing Manager at Twilio where he looks after Programmable Voice, Elastic SIP Trunking, and Super Network. Jake comes from an IT Solutions Integrator background and knows all too well the pain customers go through when dealing with traditional SIP providers. Most recently he was at Uber and helped launch UberEATS in over 100 cities around the world.

Kevin Krier

Sales Engineering Manager

Kevin is a Sales Engineering Mananger at Twilio working with the Commercial team. He started as a BDR at Twilio three and a half years ago and has worked with Twilio customers of every possible stage and size. He occassionally writes node code (poorly) but is happiest in front of a whiteboard.

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