Twilio Products 101

October 18, 3:00pm PT, WALL-E Room

What Can You Do With Programmable Wireless

Programmable Wireless is Twilio’s first physical product, SIM cards for IoT connectivity. Join this session to hear more about the IoT, specifically cellular-connected IoT and see a live demo of Programmable Wireless in the wild.

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Jon Davis

Sales Engineer

Jon has many roles in the Twilio Programmable Wireless team. He is our chief tinkerer, Sales engineer and takes a product management role with some of our newer features, including customer-facing APIs. Jon built many of our Wireless user guides and is always coming up with new ways to use Twilio Programmable Wireless, including his latest: a portable thermal fax machine.

Vanessa Thompson


Director of Customer Demand and Ecosystems for IoT

Vanessa is responsible for all of the marketing activities and hardware ecosystem partnerships for the IoT business at Twilio. Vanessa spent 6 years working in the NZ government and NZs largest bank on technology and network projects. Since 2012, Vanessa has been in the US as a Research VP at IDC, and SVP of Customer Experience Insights at Bluewolf (a Salesforce consulting firm). She joined Twilio in 2018 to continue to build the brand and reputation of Twilio’s flagship IoT offering.

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