Going Serverless with Twilio
Come and learn about Twilio's serverless tools, how easy it is to get started with Twilio Runtime, and how you can be a more productive developer. We'll give a quick showcase of Twilio Runtime tools (Functions & Assets) with a hands-on coding demo from scratch to build and deploy a small demo project. Using Twilio Serverless Toolkit, we will cover the development and deployment process of serverless projects on Twilio, and learn some best practices on how to design and structure a serverless application on Twilio, including how to test it locally and how to quickly deploy from the command line.
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Marcos Trazzini

Principal Solutions Engineer - LATAM at Twilio

As the first Solutions Engineer for Twilio in LATAM, based in Sao Paulo, Marcos quickly became the subject matter expert in major Twilio products like Flex, Taskrouter and Programmable SMS. With 18 years of experience, working for tech/SaaS companies of all sizes helped forge his background in software architecture, development and soft skills.

When not coding in front of the computer or speaking to engaging audiences about cool tech like Twilio, he can be found riding one of his bikes or spending quality time with his wife and two kids.