True Representation: Framework for Effective Action
Inclusion has representation at its core. Representation means everybody is visible and gets heard. The current societal environment has made evident how imperative, yet challenging this goal is; in the workplace, actions towards representation are often insufficient and, if disingenuous, can be even detrimental. What will "true" representation look like in the context of a company, in contrast to a “lip-service” approach? How do you draft actions that will effectively empower? Attendees will come out of this talk with a simple, yet effective framework to identify and craft actions that will promote representation in a real way, both between their peers, across their workplace and wherever they go.
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Talk - 15 min
Fernando Augusto Lopez Plascencia

Software Engineer at Lyft

Fernando is a Software Engineer with 19 years of experience working with web technologies at organizations big and small, most of them in his native Mexico. For the last 3+ years he's worked as a front-end at Lyft, where he co-founded UpLyft Unidos, an Employee Resource Group focused on Latinx/Hispanic employees and their allies.