Twilio for Experts

October 18, 2:00pm PT, AIDA Room

2FA Implementation Best Practices

Twilio’s two-factor authentication API, Authy, was launched in 2012 and is now used by Twitch, Gemini, Indeed, SendGrid, Pinterest, VMWare, NameCheap and Transferwise. We’ve learned a lot about how 2FA works in the real world and in this session we will go through our best practices on implementing 2FA into your applications. Do you make 2FA opt-in or mandatory? How do you easily enable 2FA for users? What method is the best? SMS, voice, TOTP, push? How to failover to another method? All these questions and more will be answered.

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Josh Staples

Senior Sales Engineer

Josh is a full stack engineer with a range of experience in security, government and IDAM technologies.   Since joining Twilio he has assisted customers ranging from Fortune 10 to the youngest of startups implement Twilio’s Account Security APIs.

Lucas Vidal

Engineering Manager

Lucas started as a mobile software engineer 12 years ago. Since then he wore different hats in the companies where he has worked, going from Development, Tech leadership, Management and even some Product Management work. He is currently the Engineering Manager for Authy 2FA and Clients teams, working towards providing the tools for our customers to solve their Account Security problems.

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