Twilio for Experts

October 17, 4:30pm PT, Jarvis Room

SMS at Scale: Features & Face Palms interacts with millions of young people over SMS to drive social action and volunteering. In 2017, we moved our messaging operations from our vendor of eight years to Twilio. We'll share big lessons in designing architecture for major scale, tackling bottlenecks, and analyzing and managing deliverability. We’ll also share learnings from our 2018 voter registration campaign.

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Matthew Holford


Matt Holford, Chief Technology Officer at, first coded for the web in 1996 at the Harvard School of Public Health. Since then, he has worked at a half-dozen digital agencies, including his own in Brooklyn, architected apps in high-traffic publishing, led teams in e-commerce builds, become a dad, and toured the US and Europe in an instrumental rock trio. His first love was playing Rogue on a mainframe terminal in 1981.

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