Twilio for Experts

October 17, 3:15pm PT, WALL-E Room

What's Next for Twilio Video

We’ve come a long way since introducing Twilio Video at SIGNAL 2015. We’re going to recap the recent major ships and do a deep-dive of what’s coming next for Twilio Video to make your apps even more awesome.

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Luis Lopez


Principal Real Time Communications Strategist

Luis Lopez is Video Media Server Product Manager at Twilio. Before he's been professor, entrepreneur and he's led different open source software projects and research initiatives in the area of WebRTC technologies including Kurento, Nubomedia and the FIWARE streaming enabler. Luis enjoys learning, thinking and talking about math, networks, computers and communications.

Justin Pirie


Senior Product Marketing Manager

Justin Pirie is Twilio’s Product Marketing lead for Programmable Video and is a Software as a Service & cloud expert. Before joining Twilio, he was in product at ForgeRock, the premier open source identity company. Prior to that he was an early employee and the Director of Cloud Strategy at Mimecast (Nasdaq:MIME), one of Europe’s leading SaaS companies.

Kedar Toraskar


Product Manager

Kedar is a Product Manager at Twilio on the Programmable Video Team. After joining Twilio in 2013, he spent his time collaborating with hundreds of Twilio customers on their implementations. Kedar holds a Master's degree in Computer Science from Georgia Tech University where he held a research position working on Next-gen Converged Applications. Kedar is passionate about user-centric application design and real-time media technologies.

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