Front End Foundations

October 17, 5:15pm PT, C3PO Room

Perf First: An Introduction to React with Performance in Mind

In the past ten years, rapid growth in processing power and network speeds has led to a matching explosion in the amount of Javascript being written. It feels like there's an innumerable amount of frameworks, tools and libraries, and it's getting to the point where it's starting to slow down our pages. React was introduced as a novel solution that used a virtual DOM in order to minimize layout thrashing and re-renders. But it only works if you know how to use it! In this beginner's guide to React, we'll focus not only on the basics of the library—components, props, and state—but also on how to write highly complex UI in a way that considers the in-browser performance implications from the get-go.

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Maja Wichrowska

Software Engineer

Maja is a frontend software engineer at Airbnb. She's been a part of Airbnb's adoption of React as a framework and was instrumental in building out the company's first component-based design system for the web. Her focus is on shared, extensible UI, sustainable code, and writing frontend for a wide breadth of consumers.  She currently maintains Airbnb's popular react-dates library and contributes to many other open-source projects as well.

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