Twilio for Experts

October 17, 3:15pm PT, Jarvis Room

Save the day with Voice Insights: Identify and Respond to Call Issues

Learn how Twilio uses Voice Insights data to drive continuous improvement, and how you too can can use Voice Insights to identify emerging issues, understand behavior changes, and reduce time to restore service to users.

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Michael Carpenter


Product Manager

Michael Carpenter (aka MC) is a telecommunications lifer who has been making phones ring since 2001. Before joining Twilio, he spent 14 years at AT&T supporting the launch of their 2G/3G/4G networks. As a Product Manager for Voice Insights at Twilio, the Venn Diagram of his interests is the intersection of SIP, WebRTC, mobile SDKs, and Programmable Voice. He also knows a lot about Depeche Mode.

Scott Haines


Principal Software Engineer

Scott Haines is a full stack engineer with a current focus on real-time, highly available, trust-worthy analytics systems. He is currently working at Twilio (as Tech Lead of the Voice Insights team) where he helped drive spark adoption and streaming pipeline architectures. Prior to Twilio, he worked writing the backend java API’s for Yahoo Games, as well as the real-time game ranking/ratings engine (built on Storm) to provide personalized recommendations and page views for 10 million customers. He finished his tenure at Yahoo working for Flurry Analytics where he wrote the alerts/notifications system for mobile.

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