Twilio for Experts

October 17, 5:15pm PT, Jarvis Room

How we built our Super Network

In this session Twilio will talk about how we deliver enterprise class and enterprise scale voice connectivity globally through our Super Network. Our goal is to help Twilio customers to compare and contrast Twilio's Super Network to traditional common carriers and to understand why Twilio's approach to global connectivity is ideally suited to the needs and aspirations of our customers.

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Doug Gardner

VP of Global Carrier Relations

Douglas Gardner works with a wonderful team of energetic and talented people at Twilio. It’s his job to create the deal frameworks, partnering strategies, and business relationships that inter-work Twilio with the global telecommunications networks. Along with his team, they operate all of Twilio’s telecom relationships around the globe to maximize the quality of the communication experience for their customers. They take care of the messy telecom hardware and expose a globally available cloud API that developers can interact with to build intelligent & complex communications systems.

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