Digital Transformation

October 18, 1:00pm PT, Maeve Room

How Systems Thinking and Coaching Affects CX

In the narrow frame of customer experience, technology offers unparalleled capabilities to transform how, where, when, and why we interact with customers. At Lyft, we use technology to understand customer journeys and context, creating high-quality experiences that solve for the entire customer (not just a transaction) and result in caring resolutions and customer loyalty. Instead of replacing humans, technology is providing us with context and information so we can resolve every customer issue.

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Jaime Gilliam-Swartz

Director, Voice of Customer

Jaime Gilliam-Swartz is an experienced customer support executive. Jaime has two passions. One is delivering exceptional, human-centered experiences that are consistent and sustainable over time. The other is delivering these experiences efficiently. The connection between these two passions is, at its heart, service design and systems thinking. Together they create experiences that serve customers, build loyalty and find unexpected value.

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