Twilio for Experts

October 17, 1:15pm PT, Jarvis Room

Enabling new payment experiences with Stripe and Twilio <Pay>

Twilio is now the only CPaaS provider that offers PCI compliance for our Programmable Voice product. Learn how you can securely capture credit card payments over the phone using Twilio <Pay> and our Payment Provider Marketplace.

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Kris Gutta

Senior Product Manager

Kris Gutta is a Sr. Product Manager for Programmable Voice at Twilio. Prior to Twilio, Kris spent 15+ years working with banks and other financial institutions helping them build IVR and contact center solutions. Kris is a CS grad and has spent most of his career working in Silicon Valley. Kris spends his spare time discovering new golf destinations.

Romain Huet

Head of Developer Relations

Romain Huet is the Head of Global Developer Relations at Stripe, where he works with thousands of developers and entrepreneurs to build amazing products and thriving internet businesses. He also leads efforts in creating great developer experiences and simplified tools for all developers. Before Stripe, he was the first member of Twitter’s international Developer Relations team and Co-Founder and CTO of Jolicloud, a pioneer in cloud computing.

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