Digital Transformation

October 18, 2:00pm PT, Maeve Room

10 Things Every Company Should Know About Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and its most popular subfield, Machine Learning (ML), is all the rage these days. Futurists predict that every facet of our lives and every line of business is going to be transformed by ML. In this talk, we will focus on some of the key insights that every developer should know about ML. Theses insights will range from some of the key ML tools to some of the common fallacies and lessons learned related to the ML process. This is a high-level talk so no matter what your expertise level, you will likely walk away with some amount of learning.

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Ahmad Khan

Amazon Web Services
Senior Solution Architect

As a Solutions Architect at AWS, Ahmad helps strategic AWS customers architect and optimize their workloads on AWS. His focus areas are Real-Time Communications and Machine Learning. Starting his career as a developer, Ahmad has since held various roles in both product development and sales engineering at both large tech firms as well as Bay Area startups before joining AWS in 2014. Ahmad holds a Masters in Electrical Engineering from University of Southern California.

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