Mike Markette


Michael built a call tracking solution in the garage of his Seattle home nearly 20 years ago. Today it has grown into a multi faceted call analytics business leveraging machine learning. In this, the springtime of AI, building product still excites Michael. Michael is proudest of all of the great people he works with. Michael believes that by focusing on employees first makes for the happiest clients. Michael speaks and writes regularly for the automotive industry. On the downside, Michael continues to struggle to lose 5 pounds and strives to spend more time with his wife and daughters.

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Digital Transformation

October 17, 2:15pm PT, Eve Room

How to Leverage Voice Assistants and AI to Disrupt Your Business

The widespread popularity of smart speakers and mobile assistants has changed the way people relate to technology. Voice is emerging as a leading interface through which users interact with AI powered customer service and support technologies. Businesses are experimenting with how to leverage technologies like voice and message to create a more seamless customer experience when interacting with AI technologies. In this panel, you’ll hear from leaders in the AI powered assistant and customer experience space on best practices for building engaging customer experiences using AI.