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Molly Friederich

Sr. Product Marketing Manager | Twilio

Molly’s known to eavesdrop in public places, a result of her innate curiosity about other humans. While awkward in her personal life, as a Senior Product Marketing Manager this curiosity is an asset as she explores what problems inspire customers to buy and use Twilio products. She uses her customer research to guide positioning and go-to-market strategy for solutions that serve marketers and the developers they partner with. When not at work, Molly is usually finding new playgrounds with her daughter or running trails outside of Denver.

Molly's Sessions

October 1
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SIGNAL Explorer
SMS and Email Marketing Parallels (and Pitfalls)

As a seasoned email marketer, you may be curious (but a bit nervous!) about expanding into SMS marketing or unsure you’re using the two channels optimally. Your foundation in email marketing both serves you well and can make it easy to miss important differences. In this 30-minute session, we’ll share the parallels and pitfalls of using email and SMS together so you can expand your customer communications in a compliant, customer-centric way. Note: This session will air a second time for our Asia, Pacific and Japan audience on October 2 at 11:30am SGT.

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